Give your eyelashes a curl that rivals even the best fake lashes
December 1, 2015 #cosmetics #firstblush #makeup
By Kayla Dalsfoist

Makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru NikkieTutorials shares the trick that keeps her stick-straight and stubborn lashes curly all day, with results that may render even the best fake lashes obsolete.

Those of you with straight eyelashes know the struggle — no matter how hard you squeeze your eyelash curler or how vigorously you wiggle your mascara brush, your lashes refuse to hold a curl for more than a couple of minutes. There are ways to circumvent the issue, like false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, but those options are not the most accessible. Not only are these two alternative eyelash ideas expensive, but some people have allergic reactions to eyelash extension glue or the latex-based adhesives commonly used for false lashes.

NikkieTutorials was recently made aware of an eyelash curling trick while working on a photo shoot for Swimco in Mexico. And, as any YouTube beauty guru would, she felt compelled to share her findings with her viewers. Nikkie was applying makeup on Lori Bacon, president of Swimco, when Bacon revealed the following trick. She used the hot air from a hair dryer to heat up the eyelash curler, waited until the curler had cooled down, then curled her lashes as she normally would. Nikkie explains why this trick works in the video below: "when you heat up your eyelash curler, it sort of transforms into a curling iron. It's hot, and heat always makes stuff stay on longer and curl longer. It's just the same as hair." She elaborates on the analogy by comparing what happens when your curl your hair with a cold curling iron versus a heated one; obviously, your hair will hold a curl with heat far longer.

As Nikkie mentions in the video, this technique is not without risks. She ensures that the eyelash curler is cool enough to be near her eyes comfortably, and even includes a disclaimer that she is not responsible for any mishaps that may happen to those that try this method. We also urge you to use extreme caution when attempting to replicate Nikkie's trick to avoid burning your eyelids or singeing your lashes.

For those who are apprehensive to heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer, there are other alternatives out there. There are heated eyelash curlers available on the market (like this one from Amazon) that are designed for this specific purpose. Unlike traditional eyelash curlers, there is no clamp. Instead, you hold the small, comb-like device under your lashes and push them up gently. In this article, Sophia Panych, Allure's Digital Beauty Editor, claims her heated eyelash curler "really does lift my lashes, giving me a more wide-eyed look that stays all day."

If the thought of a battery-operated heated eyelash curler still makes you uncomfortable, there is a lower-tech option that I can personally vouch for. Instead of using a hair dryer, I've found that my own body heat warms up my eyelash curler just enough without running the risk of burning myself. You can hold the eyelash curler between your hands and generate heat that way, but as someone who likes to multitask, I have gotten great results leaving the eyelash curler under my shirt while doing the rest of my makeup first.

Nikkie first began uploading makeup tutorials to YouTube in 2008, and, according to her website, was armed only with her mother's digital camera and a cardboard box serving as her tripod. Her channel has grown significantly since then, and her video addressing makeup shaming, called "The Power of Makeup," has over 24 million views. In addition to filming tutorials using her innate makeup skills, Nikkie has completed professional hair and makeup courses to build her portfolio. She currently lives in the Netherlands, and her aspiration is to have her name be synonymous with her "feminine but edgy and unique style." Over the course of her YouTube career, Nikkie has earned over 1.9 million subscribers and more than 140 million views.

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